Luke Bryan Takes Over Spring Break in Panama City Beach

Free Two-Day Concert Draws Hundreds of Thousands of Fans

Luke Bryan hosted his sixth annual spring break party at Spinnakers Beach Club in Panama City Beach, Fla., and CMT Hot 20 Countdown was there to capture the scene.

Each year the two-day event is free to the public, drawing hundreds of thousands of rowdy fans looking to shake off the winter blues. It also serves as the launch pad for Bryan’s yearly spring break EP, this time titled … Like We Ain’t Ever.

Bryan explained how the tradition began to CMT Hot 20 Countdown hosts Cody Alan and Alecia Davis.

“I grew up in South Georgia, and this was kind of our destination for vacation and spring break our whole lives,” he said. “But this is the sixth year in a row we’ve done the spring break party, and it’s grown every year. We put the album out in conjunction and it’s just been something fun. We like being down here and playing.

“The show’s always been a free show,” Bryan continued. “Florida loves it, the city of Panama City loves it. They’ve always been real easy and great to work with. When you pile people on the beaches, it’s a good thing. I think everybody enjoys it and all the guys and girls that come down for spring break, they have fun, too.”

Explaining his new EP’s title, Bryan says it makes sense to a certain type of person.

“Well, … Like We Ain’t Ever is like ’We’re gonna party like we ain’t ever,’ ya know? I grew up having that saying and we wrote the song and it seemed fitting. A lot of these kids down here party, and they’ll look back and be like ’Ya know, we partied like we ain’t ever that night.’ I think it’s just a fun name.”

Even Bryan gets in on the fun in the sun for these shows.

“It’s the only show of the year that I really drink onstage, and we don’t have a set list,” he admitted. “So we just get up there and let the vibe happen, and we’ll do whatever comes to our brain. It’s a fun show. I tell people a lot this is probably some of my favorite two days of the year, being right here.”

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