Six Nashville Plots I’d Love to Revisit

There was no Nashville this week. So in lieu of a new episode, let’s think about all the storylines the show should’ve pursued a little more and how they could’ve turned out.

Deacon Signs with Highway 65: This one is just so obvious. Maybe it’s in some script-writing room right now, as I write this. Rayna’s looking for a couple new artists to sign to her label. Deacon’s on fire and he is killing it onstage whenever he plays live. I’m not even saying they would have to fall back in love — although that would be a dream come true — but someone is going to snatch him up, and it might as well be the woman who knows how Nashville works.

Rayna’s Run for Mayor: No one likes Teddy. Well, maybe Deacon’s girlfriend Megan does. But that seems more like lust than love, so I doubt that will last. So the show needs a strong mayoral opponent to run against him in the next election. Someone who is genuine Nashville. Someone who has true friends all over the city. Someone who can make her kids’ lunches while she’s negotiating million-dollar deals. It has to be Rayna. If I lived in fake Nashville, she’d have my vote.

Juliette Falls for Another Wentworth: Remember Charlie? He was so sexy and charming and British. But because his wife wanted in on his sexy time with Juliette, that romance just kind of died. What if, though, Juliette and Olivia had fallen in love? It wouldn’t be the first gay love affair on the show, so there’s no issue there. And yes, the two beauties come from opposite worlds. Juliette from a trailer park and Olivia from old money. But opposites attract, and I think the two of them would be a really strong couple.

Gunnar, Get Your Gun: Why did Gunnar never seek revenge after his brother was beaten to death? I know he’s a nice guy with a seemingly good head on his shoulders. But come on. Doesn’t blood trump ethics? I would love to see a show where Gunnar rounds up a couple guys from the Bluebird and they take the law into their own hands.

Edging Jeff Out: Jeff is such a cocky label head at Edgehill that I’d love to find out who signs his paychecks. Maybe it’s an investor. And maybe she’s a woman. And maybe she has eyes on him, and sees how he has been mistreating his artists and kicks him to the curb. (Or just to Curb.) How did he put it when he told Will he was letting Layla go? “Her 15 minutes are up.” Well, so are yours, Jeff.

Zoey 101: Let’s get back to basics with Zoey. Right now, she can’t even get a gig as a background vocalist. That is a wrong I’d like to make right. I think she has the best voice on the show, hands down. It’s time she got discovered. She may not want a major label deal as a country singer but when has that ever stopped someone from signing the paperwork? I bet Zoey would have more stage presence than Juliette, more backbone than Scarlett and more talent than Layla. Someone please sign her.