The Band Perry Come Alive With Death Songs

The Band Perry’s breakout No. 1 hit in 2010 “If I Die Young” was about a woman being content enough to rest in peace. And now another death song of theirs, “Better Dig Two,” made its way to the top of the charts and is nominated for an ACM Award for video of the year.

And while the sibling trio didn’t write that second one, they knew how well the song suited them right when they heard it.

“There were just a lot of words and phrases in there that really stood out to us and made it different in our eyes,” Reid Perry told Like meth rhyming with breath and the part about till death do us part. He called that part a “backward-written lyric” because it takes that idea of forever one step further.

However, his big sister and the band’s lead singer Kimberly Perry thinks the song is a little backwards because of its arrangement.

“Backwards in the sense that it’s a love song, but it’s also put over a really aggressive bed of music,” she said. The song was written by Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally and Trevor Rosen.

And for a band that likes to operate by taking bold steps forward, this song was the right direction for them.

“It was our first single for our sophomore release, which some folks say is the most scrutinized piece of music that maybe an artist ever puts out,” Kimberly said.

Since a death song made their first album famous and another death song kicked off their second album, you have to wonder if The Band Perry’s third album will continue the trend. If that makes them come alive, why would they jinx it?