Blake Shelton Is Shakira’s “Medicine”

With country music’s definition getting wider every day, it’s hard to say what is undeniably country and what is not country. But when you put Blake Shelton in a song, it’s certainly going to lean a little country.

So since this new Shakira song called “Medicine” has some nice guest vocals from Shelton, I’m going to agree with her that it is country. But country enough for country radio? Maybe not.

But it has a pretty Lady Antebellum-like arrangement. And the lyrics are right up my alley. It has what I think is some kind of passionate love-gone-wrong theme about how she’s an expert at complicating things and makes the war seem like such an easy game. Ultimately, she is the white flag that makes him surrender.

Then the chorus goes like this:

I don’t reach for the bottle of whiskey
Straight on the rocks
But you won’t see me popping the pills
’Cause if I want the pain to go away
In a second make it fade
You’re the only thing that will
You’re my medicine, medicine
My medicine, medicine, my medicine

In an interview with , Shelton said he heard about “Medicine” when he and Shakira returned for the new season of The Voice.

“When she came back to start filming this season, she told me she’d written this song with Hillary Lindsey and Mark Wright,” he said. “She sent it over and said, ’Would you be interested in singing on this thing with me?’ I listened to the song, and it was amazing. I immediately wrote back and I said, ’Man, you wrote the song that’s the style you like,’ which is that kind of mid-tempo, driving thing that Lady A does.

“She definitely made it Shakira, though. So I was honored that she asked me to come and sing on it.”

This is not the first time the two judges from The Voice have come together on a song. Last year, they did Lady Antebellum’s “Need You Now” on the show. And Shakira reportedly loved it so much, she set her sights on writing with Shelton’s wife Miranda Lambert. That hasn’t happened yet, though. Maybe for her next album.

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