It’s High Noon for Jerrod Niemann

High Noon. That just sounds ominous and foreboding, doesn’t it? But if you know anything about Jerrod Niemann, you know it’s nothing like what the feel-good singer-songwriter is all about.

Nonetheless, it’s the title of his third studio album, which was released Tuesday (March 25). So why title the album something that conjures up visions of a shootout in a deserted Western town?

On his website, Niemann talks about how the term “high noon” has been in his mind since he was a little kid growing up in southwest Kansas — more specifically, Dodge City, which we all know is where all the rootin’ tootin’ gunfire took place in the days of the Old West.

“High noon, if you think of it, it’s always meeting your adversary at noon, and going out there, walking a few steps and turn around and face what you’re most afraid of right then and there,” he says.

But I’m still a bit confused. What does Niemann have to be afraid of? The album’s big single “Drink to That All Night” is already in the Top 10 of Billboard’s country airplay chart.

He’s talented, humble and totally lovable. Who or what would his adversaries even be?

“For me, every time any of us make a journey in our life for whatever we’re trying to do — in this case, making music — I just think, ’OK, my adversaries are party poopers, and I’m about to face that so that all of us can have a great time, hopefully, listening to this record,” he said.

So instead of an Old West style “shot” to the enemy, he’s buying his enemies another kind of shots as a peace and party offering. That’s how you win friends.

As for the new album, he told, “My biggest obstacle was to make sure this sounded different from everything else out there right now.”

Niemann has made that happen. And fans can definitely drink to it all night.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.