A Guide to Keith Urban’s Most Moving Songs

Over the weekend, Keith Urban posed this question on Facebook and Twitter : “Of all the songs in Keith’s catalogue, which one means the most to you? And why?”

He might have just been trying to come up with a new set list. Or maybe he’s making an album of fan favorites. But so far, he’s had about 3,000 responses. And the overwhelming majority of Urban’s fans have a story about how moving and comforting his music has been for them.

Here are their choices and a sample of comments they made:

“Making Memories of Us” (2005)
“We played it at our wedding. I played it at his funeral. My husband was killed in the line of duty.”

“You’ll Think of Me” (2004)
“There was a young man I dated in high school. We broke up and never quit thinking of each other. Thirty-five years later, we got back together and have been together ever since.”

“Days Go By” (2004)
“When I was feeling sorry for myself after being diagnosed with breast cancer, I heard this song and decided I better start living right now because days go by like a hand out the window in the wind … and (here) I am six years later!”

“Stupid Boy” (2007)
“I have too many friends who have experienced abuse and been made to feel they are never good enough for anyone else. Heartbreaking.”

“Everybody” (2007)
“My daughter was in a coma for a week after a 12-hour seizure. That song and constant prayer got me through that time. By the grace of God, she awoke. It gave us a whole new appreciation of the line, ’You’ve got a voice/Let it be heard.’ BTW, she’s perfect and healthy.”

“Nobody Drinks Alone” (2004)
“It’s a reminder of how destructive drinking can be if you’re not careful with it … especially to the family.”

“Sweet Thing” (2008)
“It makes me think of my kids. Doctors told me I couldn’t have children. They are my miracles.”

“Thank You” (2009)
“There is a KU song for every mood you can be in, and he has this way of putting words and feelings that aren’t easily articulated into beautiful rhythms and salve for the soul. You have helped keep me together when all I wanted to do was fall apart. For that? I ’THANK YOU.'”

“But for the Grace of God” (2000)
“My husband was a local DJ for 40 years and he passed away suddenly Nov. 17, 2013. Keith had a concert here locally and dedicated this song and that evening’s concert to my husband. What a classy guy!”

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