Nashville Episode Actually Kind of Dope

There’s a new teenager in town, y’all. It’s Luke’s son Colt. And I hate him and his little punk attitude.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Nashville, Colt met Rayna’s daughters. And he made sure they knew that despite his bloodlines (which had made it possible for him to be dressed like a walking status symbol and have enough gear to make a sound engineer jealous), country music is lame.

“I just like good music. Skrillex, EDM, rap, anything with sick beats. Not that you’d know anything about that,” he mumbled to Maddie and Daphne. Who proved him wrong with their own sick beats — hand claps, finger snaps and harmonies.

“Wow. That’s actually kind of dope,” Colt said.

It was kind of dope. Actually, the whole show was dope. Especially the Deacon parts. Those were the dopest.

Just as he was getting closer and closer with his biological daughter Maddie, her father Teddy started getting in the way. He tried to make it look like he was punishing her for some teenage violation, but he was really punishing Deacon for loving Megan, the woman he wants to love. And after some angry backstage words between Megan and Teddy, which Deacon overheard, Teddy might just have the chance to make Megan his third wife.

But Megan’s attempt to keep Deacon from making some kind of huge (drunken) mistake didn’t go over very well. She showed him his picture on the cover of the Nashville Scene magazine and says, “This is who you are.”

“That’s a mighty fine closing statement, counselor,” Deacon tells her in that quietly angry voice of his. “But I’m done being saved.”

Scarlett was trying to save herself a little, too, and begged Juliette to fire her from the tour. Which you’d think would be easy after she’d told Scarlett, “You might wanna think twice about back talking the headliner. Opening acts have been bounced for a whole lot less.”

But Juliette needs her, so by the end of the episode, they were doing shots at the after party and life was good.

Will’s homosexuality came and went when Jeff confronted Gunnar and demanded to know if Will was gay. Because, per Jeff, “It won’t fly in country music. Ever.” But Gunnar assured Jeff that “the boy’s caught more tail than a damn rabbit hunter.” So, Will marries Layla and is good to go. At least until his old boyfriends start coming out of the woodwork.

All Rayna did the whole episode was bitch about social media.

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