Keith Urban Recalls First-Time Radio Glory

History Was Made on Clock Radio in a Hotel Room

One of the most memorable moments in a singer’s career is the first time they hear themselves on the radio. That’s what the large majority will tell you — and Keith Urban is no exception.

The singer remembers that initial moment of hearing himself on the airwaves. It happened in Australia, long before the world knew him as one of country music’s biggest forces.

In a recent video interview from the set of American Idol, Urban talked about his days as a young performer when he trekked down to Tamworth — better known as the country music capital of Oz and home to the famous Tamworth Country Music Festival — to play a “very small show.” It was nothing fancy — just another chance to pound the pavement in pursuit of his dream and another opportunity to play music.

While getting ready for the show, he recalls having the radio on in his hotel room.

“I’d made a demo myself of a song called ’Homefires,'” he said. “As I was getting ready in the hotel to go to the show, the little clock radio that was on the side of the bed had the local radio station on. Just even through that tiny little speaker with pretty poor reception, it was an amazing feeling.”

That was his magic moment. Multiple albums and No. 1 singles later, it’s a feeling that no doubt still fills his heart when he hears himself on the radio.

Fuse, his latest album, is filled with musical gems, including the current single, “Cop Car.”

So keep that dial set, Keith. I think your next hit might be coming up after the commercial break.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.