Luke Bryan’s Six Spring Break Essentials

Luke Bryan has been a rising country star for about seven years now. But ever since he released Spring Break With All My Friends in 2009, he’s also become country music’s resident expert on all things spring break. His current EP in the series, Spring Break 6 … Like We Ain’t Ever was recently released around the time he performed two free shows in Panama City, Fla., at the Spinnaker Beach Club.

Because Bryan grew up in Georgia, that part of Florida — the Redneck Riviera, as it’s sometimes called — was his favorite destination for all of his breaks. And he recently shared with People magazine’s country special issue what he has to have when he’s down there.

Miller Lite “Miller Lite — tried and true! I’ll have a little Sex on the Beach here and there or a Hurricane and all that, but I like the simple stuff,” he said.

Ibuprofen: “You’ll be all right without sunscreen. Just don’t forget the ibuprofen.”

Khaki shorts: “A Speedo reveals too much, and some things are just better kept a secret. I don’t even think I ever had bathing suits. I just put on, like, khaki shorts and a belt.”

Soup: Maybe not an essential on every trip, but Bryan shared a story about a time when he needed it after he and his wife Caroline got the flu. “I had to go to the grocery store in the middle of the night to get us some Campbell’s soup while everyone was partying,” he said. “We just lay there sweating with fever, trying to survive until we could at least get well enough to drive home.”

Good pickup lines: Bryan says the worst thing guys can do on spring break is “using cheesy pickup lines.”

A song: “That big rap or club song of the moment. Probably the most famous would be ’Baby Got Back.’ Going to the clubs was so much fun, my wife Caroline and I would have to wring our clothes out, we danced so much.”

And when Bryan was asked if he’d ever be too old for all this, he was honest. Although he said spring break keeps him young, it won’t last forever.

“You definitely won’t see me doing spring break shows at 60,” Bryan said.

That means he’s still got 23 spring breaks to go.

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