Miranda Lambert: “Bliranda” Is Not Pretty

Miranda Lambert is happy she and her husband are just known as Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton.

“Thank goodness our names don’t make a celebrity name,” she told People during an interview in the new country special issue. “I mean ’Bliranda’? That’s not pretty.”

I suppose it could be Shelbert or Lambton or even Mirake, but those aren’t all that pretty either.

More important than what the outside world calls the couple, Lambert says that what matters is how they see their own marriage.

“I love just being his wife and watching him do his job, and he does the same for me,” she said. “We’re proud of each other, but we are very much Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.”

And their life away from the spotlight sounds exactly like a country hit.

“We do the things we sing about in our songs. We go four-wheeling, we back-road, we fish, we eat at my mother-in-law’s at least twice a week,” she said of the way she and Shelton are genuinely living the lifestyle.

But away from those back roads, Lambert is sophisticated enough to know that her life as a celebrity doesn’t always look so rosy. She told People she has no choice but to put up with some of the tabloid nonsense.

“It’s part of the deal now, and I’m still adjusting,” she said. “It’s like one day you’re comfortable in the Nashville country music world, which is pretty protected, this safe little bubble of people who know the true you and love you, and then you move to this level of craziness. There’s no guide, no manual.”

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