If the How I Met Your Mother Finale Had Gone Country

It took Ted Mosby nine years to tell his two kids how he met their mother. But after Monday night’s (March 31) much-anticipated series finale of How I Met Your Mother was over, they finally knew all of his stories. And that last hour was a Major Pleasure.

But what if, I thought, the mini-stories within those stories in the finale had been punctuated with some country music? There could’ve been an entire soundtrack just from this one hour with all country songs.

Here are some suggestions:

“As She’s Walking Away” : In almost every one of the 208 episodes of the hit TV show, Ted comes this close to meeting his wife Tracy. But each time, she gets away. When he finally talked to her for real in the finale, after Barney and Robin’s wedding, it would’ve been so perfect to hear the Zac Brown Band in the background, encouraging Ted to not be falling in love as she’s walking away. The old lady at the bus stop kind of did that, but some ZBB would’ve been nice.

“There Goes My Life” : Ever since Kenny Chesney released that song in 2003, I think of it every single time I hear about an unplanned pregnancy. So after Barney’s Perfect Month, his No. 31 got pregnant. He was pretty cavalier about it until he met the baby, Ellie, and promised, “Everything I have — and everything I am — is yours forever.” Much more moving when he’s saying it sincerely to a newborn instead of insincerely to a girl in MacLaren’s Pub.

“If You See Him”: Robin’s career aspirations were getting in the way of Barney’s lifestyle blog, so their marriage takes the hit. They still love each other. They just don’t work as a couple. So this Reba McEntire/Brooks & Dunn ballad would’ve been the best way to say “It’s OK, but we’re still bummed” after their divorce.

“These Are My People” : When the show flashed back to the day Robin was ushered into the gang, I could just hear Rodney Atkins singing, “The kids that thought they’d run this town ain’t runnin’ much of anything/We’re just lovin’ and laughin’ and bustin’ our asses/And we call it all livin’ the dream.” Also good in that scene would’ve been “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” and/or “Friends in Low Places.” (Low because MacLaren’s Pub was, in fact, a basement bar.)

“Here Comes Goodbye” : Not a perfect fit, I realize. Because Rascal Flatts were singing about an unexpected breakup. But the way that song makes me cry would’ve correlated nicely with how many tears I shed in the scene when Ted was saying all of his goodbyes.

“Bless the Broken Road” : Ted said it himself as he narrated his wedding vow scene. “It was, at times, a long difficult road. But I’m glad it was long and difficult. Because if I hadn’t gone through hell to get there, the lesson might not have been as clear.” This much I know is true.

“Don’t Take the Girl” : You know the part in Tim McGraw’s massive hit when his wife is dying and he hits his knees and prays, “Take the very breath you gave me/Take the heart from my chest/I’ll gladly take her place if you’ll let me/Make this my last request/Take me out of this world, God, please don’t take the girl.” Even though God didn’t listen, that hospital scene could’ve used a little McGraw.