Dierks Bentley’s Daughters Debut New Music

Dierks Bentley played Nashville’s Station Inn on Tuesday night (April 1). And Kacey Musgraves and Kip Moore showed up, but the really big stars of the night? The littlest ones there — Bentley’s daughters.

His opening act for the show was a brand new act called Sandy Bottom Sisters featuring Evie Bentley, 5, and her sister Jordan, 3.

When I caught up with Bentley’s wife Cassidy during a phone conversation Wednesday, she told me about the band’s Music City debut.

“Sandy Bottom Sisters is the band the girls formed over spring break,” she said. “So the bluegrass band at the Station Inn accompanied them, and Evie sang ’Let It Go’ — from Frozen, which has completely taken over our life — and then Jordan did ’Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.'”

(The Bentley’s son Knox wasn’t there. Maybe because he hasn’t gotten a band together yet. Or maybe because he’s only 6 months old and doesn’t stay up past 7 p.m.)

The Sandy Bottom Sisters had to get home to bed shortly after their set, so Cassidy missed the second half of the show. But Kacey Musgraves joined Dierks on the tiny Station Inn stage for Buck Owens’ 1963 hit song “Act Naturally.”

The Bentleys have been married since 2005, but they’ve known each other since eighth grade.

“He was the new boy in school in eighth grade, and we were just each other’s best friends,” Cassidy told me. “There was a lot of very dramatic eighth grade stuff, but we always had a connection.”

They went to different high schools and tried dating one summer but eventually lost touch during their college years.

“Then I was out in San Francisco, and he was living in Nashville,” she explained.

After a few romantic hits and misses, Dierks and Cassidy finally reconnected for good.

“It was just never time,” she said, “until it was.”

And while the Sandy Bottom Sisters probably won’t be able to go out on the road with Bentley for his Riser tour, it sounds like family is all that matters when he’s back home in Nashville.

“When Dierks is away, he’s away. But when he’s here, he’s super present,” Cassidy said.

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