George Strait Makes a Dignified ACM Awards Appearance

Entertainer of the Year Nominee Performs "I Got a Car"

Like the character in his current single “I Got a Car,” George Strait fans can always count on one thing.

For the guy in “I Got a Car,” well, that’s kind of self-explanatory. And for Strait fans, it’s that King George will always choose a timeless delivery of solid country music over gimmicks and gags.

For his performance at the 49th annual Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday night (April 6) — apparently his last ACM show as a touring musician — Strait delivered one line of the new song with a special glimmer in his eye:

“If there’s one thing I know, girl. It’s gotten us this far.”

Still releasing hits since earning his first No. 1 with “Fool Hearted Memory” in 1982, Strait is up for entertainer of the year along with Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton and Taylor Swift.

Onstage he did as he always has. There was a simple video clip of a winding country road, but basically it was just Strait standing tall and generally making country music seem dignified and cool.

As he heads into the home stretch of his Cowboy Rides Away tour, though, he did seem to be soaking up his time in the spotlight a little more than usual. He smiled wide and easy and even grabbed the mic stand like a prop a few times.

And as the camera looked into the crowd full of hypnotized faces, it was clear Strait can still captivate an audience — a fact that will undoubtedly make it hard to keep his promise to quit touring after this summer.

With just a touch of distinguished gray hair peeking out from underneath his black cowboy hat, the King looks like he could keep going for as long as he wants.

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