Justin Moore Says Miranda Lambert Cheated on Him

LAS VEGAS — Relax. Justin Moore was just kidding when he was talking about Miranda Lambert. But when I caught up with Moore — the Academy of Country Music ’s new artist of the year — we talked about his duet with Miranda Lambert called “Old Habits.”

I love this song so much, that I have been hoping/praying/finger-crossing that Moore would make it his next single.

“We might have a shot at that, but there are just so many obstacles to navigate,” Moore told me. “Miranda’s got her thing going on, and I’ve got my thing going on. I would love for it to be a single because it’s one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever recorded. And she did a fantastic job.”

Moore added he’s especially proud of how the song turned out, due in a large part to the fact he got to record with Lambert.

“If it sees the radio, great,” he said. “If it doesn’t, it’s still special for me to have a song with the reigning female vocalist of the year.” (I might mention he made the comment before Lambert won the title for a record-breaking fifth year in a row).

“We truly are friends. I didn’t know she was gonna cheat on me with Keith Urban, though, but she did,” Moore joked about Urban’s duet with Lambert on “We Were Us.” Urban did release that one as a single, and it was named the ACM vocal event of the year at Sunday’s (April 6) awards show.

“But that’s OK,” Moore said. “If you’re gonna do that with someone, I guess Keith’s a good guy to pick. I mean, look at him. I didn’t stand a chance.”

Moore is still proud of the recording of “Old Habits.”

“I think that song is what country music is all about, and what country was built on,” he said. “That’s why I recorded it.”

The song written by Adam Hambrick , who Moore discovered when he heard him play on Good Morning Arkansas.

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