ACM Red Carpet: Would You Rather, Round Two

LAS VEGAS — It’s a good thing I had about a hundred Would You Rather questions in the Crown Royal bag Justin Moore loaned me for the 49th annual Academy of Country Music Awards . Because when the stars walked the red carpet Sunday (April 6) and saw me holding that bag, it was like a magnet.

Even though they realized there wasn’t a bottle of Crown inside, most stars stuck around to answer whatever question they pulled from the sack.

Cole Swindell: “’Would you rather go without the Internet for a year or go without music for a week?’ If I had to pick, and it would be hard, but I’d have to go without music for a week. I love music, but I just don’t know if I could go without tweeting my fans for that long.”

Tyler Farr: “’Would you rather have a hit song that your peers criticize publicly or a song your peers adore but never charts?’ I would pick a song my peers adore. Every time. We write country music for country music people.”

Charlie Worsham: “’Would you rather have one hit song that crosses over to pop radio or 100 hundred hit songs that would never cross over to pop radio?’ So easy. I’d take 100 hit songs that would never cross over. I love good pop music, don’t get me wrong. I’m a big Katy Perry fan and I love Bruno Mars. But I love country music. That’s what I am, and that’s what’s in my heart.”

Dustin Lynch: “’Would you rather be rich and making music you hate or flat broke and making the music you love?’ Definitely flat broke. That’s what I kind of am right now. I mean, listen, I lived in Nashville for 11 years before I had a single on the radio. That’s making music you love. And I really knew I was doing the right thing — chasing this dream — when I asked myself if I’d won the lottery, what would I do? My answer was, ’Go to Lower Broadway and play my show.’ We’re all just so blessed that this is our work, no matter what kind of paycheck we’re getting.”

Craig Campbell: “’Would you rather be a good bass fisher and a dynamite kisser or salt of the earth and a real good dancer?’ I’m all of this. But if I had to pick, I’d say a real good dancer.” (After that, though, Campbell couldn’t help but sing that he was as country as a turnip green, a line from “Daddy’s Money,” the Ricochet 1996 hit that inspired the question.)

Frankie Ballard: “’Would you rather lose thousands this weekend in Vegas or speak in an auto-tune voice for a month?’ I’d rather lose $10,000 in Vegas than speak in auto-tune. That stuff’s horrible.”

Will Hoge: “’Would you rather open for Blake Shelton or have Blake Shelton open for you ?’ I feel like that’s a win-win, right? But I guess I would rather have Blake open for me. Because then by the end of my show, he’d be nice and buzzed.”

Craig Morgan: “’Would you rather cover a Garth Brooks song or have Garth Brooks cover one of yours?’ Good question. If I had to pick, I think I’d have Garth cover one of mine. I would love to see him sing ’Almost Home’ (Morgan’s hit from 2002). Wouldn’t he sound great on that?”