Dierks Bentley Returns the Ring in “Drunk on a Plane”

Singer Serves a Hilarious Story on Latest Single

We feel you, Dierks Bentley. Sometimes in life, there is no other recourse when you’re handed lemons but to mix that juice with vodka and make yourself a lemon drop martini.

Or maybe mix up a Coke and whiskey.

In Bentley’s new single “Drunk on a Plane,” that’s exactly what the poor narrator does after finding himself standing at the altar alone, having been jilted by his soon-to-be spouse.

He orders up a strong one, boards the plane and takes the Cancun honeymoon solo! It’s slightly tragic, yet hilarious, all at the same time, and it got me thinking. Surely, Bentley and his co-writers Josh Kear and Chris Tompkins have never personally experienced any situation like this — right?


Bentley confessed in a recent interview, “I have never been jilted at the altar, but I have had a marriage proposal rejected. … All you can do is pray there’s a good return policy for the ring, get drunk and carry on!”

Yes, y’all. You read that correctly. Somewhere along the way, some gal looked into those baby blues of Bentley’s and turned down an offer to be his wife.

Bentley has talked before about a particular proposal rejection from his past. Back in 2012, he revealed to The Tennessean newspaper that it was quite a heartbreak for him. Did the same gal inspire this new comical look on such a sad situation?

We can’t know for sure. We’ll just have to ask Bentley himself next time our paths cross.

Because one thing is certain: his current home life most certainly did not inspire that part of the storyline in this tune. Bentley is happier than ever sharing his life in Nashville with his beautiful wife Cassidy and their completely gorgeous children Evie, Jordan and little brother Knox.

See, y’all? When it comes to matters of the heart, things always work out in the end. Bentley is proof that both in life and in love, it’s all about the journey. But it doesn’t hurt to keep those little airline mini-bottles handy in case the ride gets bumpy. Take it from me.

“Drunk on a Plane” is the second release from Bentley’s No. 1 album Riser.

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