Hayden Panettiere on Connie Britton’s Tweets

Hayden Panettiere — who plays the country singer we love to hate on Nashville — is the latest Cosmo girl. In a Q&A with Cosmopolitan magazine , she talks about what it’s been like to share the set with stars like Connie Britton and Chip Esten, who play Rayna and Deacon, respectively.

Asked about Britton finally joining Twitter, which Panettiere embraced long ago, she said she wasn’t about to give the actress any Twitter tips. (Even though Panettiere has 555,000 followers to Britton’s 55,000. Not that we’re keeping score.)

“I have not given her any advice,” Panettiere said. “You don’t look at somebody like Connie and go, ’I’m going to give Connie some advice.’ If anyone’s giving her advice, it’s probably Chip. He’s really good with the social media stuff.”

It actually doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of advice-giving taking place on the Nashville set, in general. When Cosmopolitan asked if Britton had given her advice on being the greatest woman ever, Panettiere said, “For a woman to come up to another woman and say, ’Let me tell you how to be the greatest woman of all time,’ would take some serious guts. I’m not sure how well that would go over.”

When Panettiere is not on the set, she seems like she tries very hard to be the un-Juliette, especially when it comes to her sense of style.

“I love being able to do it with Juliette and that character, but I tend to shy away from it in real life because that’s a dangerous association,” she explained. “I mean, people love Juliette, but they love to hate her, as well. … I want to be able to distinguish myself aside from her and to know that people can differentiate between the two of us.

“And I’ve heard from a lot of my co-stars, even. People constantly go up to them and go, ’Hayden’s like that in real life, isn’t she?’ And they say, ’What are you talking about? No, she’s not. She’s a character.’ But people don’t know how to distinguish between the two,” said Barnes … I mean, Panettiere.