Keith Urban: Who Wouldn’t Want to Be in a U-Haul?

Wait. You can make a boom box out of an iPhone and a red solo cup? If you’re Keith Urban, you can.

That inventive sound system is just one of the many luxuries Urban has in his trailer on the American Idol set. In a new online series, these short little behind-the-scenes videos are intended to show what life’s really like on the set of the show . In the first episode, you see how Urban has the crappiest trailer of all the judges.

Most importantly, however, he has music. You get to see his boom box playing his “Who Wouldn’t Want to Be Me?” because he says, “You gotta have the tunes.”

He explains that one of the questions he is get asked a lot is, “Where do you guys hang out? Where’s your clothes? Where do you chill? Where do you get ready?”

Urban shows off the massive trailers of Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest and Harry Connick Jr. Then, his own — a U-Haul. I believe it’s the popular 208-square-foot cargo trailer which rents for about $18 a day.

“For some reason there was some communication mix-up,” he says.

But Urban’s not complaining. That’s just not the kind of guy he is.

“It’s cool. I’m not upset at the guys or anything like that. I’ve got everything I need. That’s the main thing. I’ve got my guitars, I can play a little. All the clothes, I have to sort out what I’m going to wear tonight. Throw a shirt on, pick a belt. I got my food,” he says of the banana and an orange.