Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. Are “Wired Differently”

All along, I’ve thought Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. were like one person. They seem to be on the same page on almost every issue on almost every episode of American Idol so far this season. But now that the season is coming to an end, Urban admitted to Ryan Seacrest that the two judges are actually quite different.

“We disagree about a lot of things because we’re just wired differently and we respond differently to music,” Urban told Seacrest. “We react differently. Different things appeal to us. Different things impress us. Although that’s not true. I think nothing impresses Harry.”

Urban added, though, that Connick is fitting in at the judges’ table perfectly and joked, “I think Harry’s going home after tonight.”

But how are the contestants themselves getting along this close to the finals?

“There’s friendliness, but you’ve got the rivalry, too,” Urban said. “Let’s not deny it. It is The Hunger Games.”

When Seacrest asked how the hopefuls are doing when it comes to letting loose a little more, it sounds like not everyone is cut out for that kind of performance.

“Part of that is you have to be that way as a person,” Urban explained. “I think you have to be very, very comfortable in your skin.”

As Urban does fairly often in Idol-related interviews, he again gave the example of Sam Woolf.

“He’s 17, and he’s got this incredible voice, but there’s a lack-of-experience thing that comes into play,” Urban said of Woolf, admitting he has a Top 3 in his mind, based on who has performed well consistently.

Besides Woolf, the other six contestants still in the running this coming week are Caleb Johnson, Jessica Meuse, C.J. Harris, Dexter Roberts, Alex Preston and Jena Irene.