Dierks Bentley Checks in From Mile 17

While the rest of the world was watching the Boston Marathon on Monday (April 21), I was watching Dierks Bentley watch the Boston Marathon.

I knew his wife Cassidy was running in it, so I knew he’d be sharing pictures and thoughts on Facebook. And he did so from mile 17.

“Found a spot. mile 17….,” Bentley posted with a video of runners whizzing by, well past the halfway mark on the 26-mile course.

And once it was over, Bentley shared his wife’s stats with all of his fans: “thanks y’all and everyone that cheered cass on #BostonMarathon. means a lot to us!! Time 3:33:38, Pace 8:08!!!” he wrote.

Earlier in the day, Bentley had posted a picture of Cassidy and himself — with Bentley in his #TeamCassidy shirt.

“Hillbillies in the hotel! ready to cheer on #TeamCassidy and all the #BostonMarathon runners! #BostonStrong,” he wrote.

And he shared this about the texts his wife was sending him right before the run started: “Her text to me: ’Make sure to say I’m thinking of last year and everything people have endured. Running for love.'” Bentley also added, “And i just got this: ’What does it say that I’m already thinking about post race margarita?!’ HA! me too and I’m not even running!”