How Tim McGraw’s Song Became a Duet

Remember how Tim McGraw and Faith Hill sang together at the ACM Awards a few weeks ago and how great they sounded together? And how that one moving performance reminded you of how perfect the couple sounds when they sing a duet?

Well, that must’ve been what was running through McGraw’s mind. Although he knew he wanted to record “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” as soon as he heard the demo, it was not planned as a duet at first.

“I heard the demo of the song [and] knew I wanted to record the song,” he said in a recent radio interview.

“I was well into the process of going to record this song when I thought that it would be something that would be really cool to have Faith on because of the sentiment of the song and what was said,” McGraw said in a recent radio interview.

So it’s not like Mr. and Mrs. McGraw went out shopping for a duet. It’s more like a duet just happened.

“We never planned to do a particular song,” he said. “It’s just the song comes along, and we feel like that’s the song that fits what we’re all about. And that’s what it was like for ’Meanwhile Back at Mama’s.'”

McGraw added that when he first heard it, he had “a clear vision” for how he’d do it on the ACM awards.

“I love singing with Faith, and the warmth and beauty of her vocal really made this song what it is,” he said. And even though it wasn’t going to be a single, McGraw admits that he loves that country radio wanted to play it anyway.

The song will be on McGraw’s new album Sundown Heaven Town, due out Sept. 16.