Will Taylor Swift Guest on HBO’s Girls?

Rumor Has It the Superstar Could Be Making Appearance on Lena Dunham's Hit Series

Wouldn’t it be too fun if Taylor Swift made a guest appearance on Lena Dunham’s hit HBO series, Girls?

Before we go any farther, let me advise you to take the rumor with a grain of salt, but that’s the latest Swift rumbling making its way around the web this week with so-called insiders revealing the “tidbit” to the Grazia.com website in the U.K.

But now that we’ve established the apparent source of the rumor, let’s — just for giggles — take a closer look at the report that Dunham, the show’s creator, has been trying to snag Swift for an appearance for quite some time. The anonymous source also tells Grazia that Dunham is also keen for Swift to take on a permanent role and even write music for the series.

I have to admit, if there’s any truth to this whatsoever, it’s an absolutely brilliant plan for one of the most talked-about shows on television and perhaps also a great opportunity for the biggest musical star on the planet right now.

Swift has a friendship with Dunham although E! online has listed them among the “most unlikely celebrity friends.” Swift has even gushed about her admiration for the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning TV series on Good Morning America.

Plus, a moment like this coming to fruition would be a Dunham/Swift fan girl’s fantasy come to life.

So will it happen? That remains to be seen, and I’ll again stress that absolutely nothing official has been revealed. But Girls can dream, right?

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