Miranda Lambert on Facing Life at 30

What’s that saying? Thirty is the new 20? It sure sounds that way for Miranda Lambert.

Lambert recently told ABC News Radio that her upcoming album Platinum is full of songs about where she is right now. And right now, she’s 30. And she is making it look so, so good.

“I always try to make my records be about where I am right now,” she said. “I’m 30 years old. I’m happily married, but I still have problems — good and bad. I face everyday life as a 30-year-old girl. So I wrote a lot about that.”

So on “Bathroom Sink,” a song Lambert wrote by herself, she sings about dealing with body issues. The lyrics of “Priscilla” are about having a famous husband. And on “Little Red Wagon,” she sings with a sense of humor that was inspired by Blake Shelton.

“I think that comes from my husband,” she said. “You know, he really has helped me find my sense of humor. Clearly, he has a good one.”

By the way, there’s no word on whether Shelton contributed anything to Lambert’s other funny song “Gravity’s a Bitch.”

This album from her 30-year-old perspective is probably going to be much different than her album from a 20-year-old perspective. For reference, consider that Lambert’s debut album Kerosene was released in 2005 when she was only 21. It featured her first top 20 hit, “Kerosene.”

So now, this older and wiser Lambert is hoping she’s created a collection of songs that will appeal to men and women of all ages.

I feel like there’s something for everybody on this record. It’s very heartfelt. It’s got some deep stuff and some stuff that is relatable for everybody,” she said. “Hopefully.”

Platinum will be released June 3.