Dierks Bentley’s Wife Likes His Hair Right Now

When Dierks Bentley released his debut single “What Was I Thinkin'” in 2003, he had long messy curls. A few years later, it was a super short crew cut. Right now, it’s somewhere in between. So which haircut does his wife Cassidy like the best? All of them.

“I was looking at him last night, and I was like, ’He’s so handsome,” she told me during a recent phone conversation. “I like it best right now. Kind of mid-short. I always thought he looked good, though. But his curls definitely went through a wild phase.”

Cassidy would know. She’s about to go into business with a hair stylist opening a blow-dry salon in Nashville called Dry House.

But it’s unlikely Dierks will visit for a shampoo and style because Cassidy described it to me as a “girls’ girl” place.

There will be house rules, like “keep the gossip flowing and friendly,” “profanity is permitted and encouraged” and “no judging women, especially yourself.”

Cassidy admitted that with her three kids — Evie, Jordan and Knox — and Dierks’ untraditional work schedule, going back to work full time or starting a business on her own didn’t make sense. But this venture did.

“When I got pregnant with Knox, I got the feeling like I needed to have one foot outside of this world. Otherwise, I might go off the deep end,” she laughed. “I’m excited to tell the girls and talk to them about it. That’s important to me. I worked my whole life and then took time to be home. But now they’ll see it’s not just daddy who works. This feels like a good balance.”

The Dry House is slated for a mid-May opening in Green Hills.