Nashville Loves a Good Tragedy

Angry Narcissistic Manic Mess. That’s either the best alt-country band name ever or what Deacon called his sister Beverly on Wednesday night’s (April 30) episode of Nashville.

Deacon’s outburst with his sister, Scarlett’s abusive mother, was all part of the episode’s main storyline where everyone was clamoring to get a piece of the Scarlett breakdown pie.

Why is everyone so drawn to tragedy? If Scarlett’s life was going along just fine, nobody would even give her the time of day. But when you fall apart under a piano during an arena show, everyone — your mom, uncle, headliner, label head, producer, manager and tour doctor — immediately surrounds you with semigood intentions.

And not only was everyone dying to own the catastrophe, they were fighting over their role in Scarlett’s recovery.

Juliette was pissed that Avery was so involved in his ex-girlfriend’s psychotic break.

Deacon was pissed at Rayna because, he said, “I told you it would crush her.”

Beverly was pissed at Rayna for “coming in here and trying to mother my daughter when you can’t even handle your own family.”

Rayna was pissed at Beverly for being Beverly. “Girl, you have got so much nerve. You don’t know me. Don’t you be blowing off your steam at me,” Rayna tells her daughter Maddie’s biological aunt. “You find someone else to tangle with, you hear?”

Scarlett’s pissed at Juliette because “It’s your fault I’m here” and “My God, would you stop trying to make everything about you?”

Not everyone who knows Scarlett was fighting over her, though. Gunnar channeled his emotions about it with a song — a sad but beautiful song. Layla started thinking about how she could get dibs on Scarlett’s opening slot on Juliette’s tour. And Zoey — Scarlett’s estranged very best friend — came to see her in the hospital. So did Rayna, and after a brutally honest conversation, she released Scarlett from her record contract.

A few minutes of the show were not devoted to Scarlett, though. Gunnar bought Deacon’s house. Will and Layla agree to the Will and Layla Show. And Juliette and Jeff (finally) consummate their relationship with some good old-fashioned hate sex in a BMI conference room.