Florida Georgia Line on the Brotherhood of Country

The guys in Florida Georgia Line appreciate getting support from their fellow artists, especially because “for so long, it didn’t seem like anybody was rooting for us.”

That’s what Brian Kelley said in an interview with HuffPost Entertainment at Wednesday’s (April 30) Outnumber Hunger event in New York City. And he went on to name the artists that really played a part in the duo’s success.

On Jake Owen: “Jake Owen has been extremely instrumental in getting us to where we are today. He took us on tour, got us more Twitter followers. He’s been everything for us and just a great friend, great person. That’s what country music is all about — having that support, that brotherhood, that family kind of thing going on.” He added that they plan to do the same for younger artists.

On Jason Aldean: “He actually cut one of our songs we wrote called ’Burning It Down,’ and he named the tour after the song. So maybe that will be a single, maybe not, but having a song on his record is a dream come true as songwriters. And he’s an incredible guy, Jason,” Kelley said. “He’s badass.”

On Taylor Swift: “I know Taylor’s got an album coming out pretty soon, and she’d be amazing to collaborate with. She already has some really good collaborations, so you can’t go wrong with her. For us, country-wise, Ronnie Dunn and Garth Brooks would be at the top of our list, Drake, Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa outside of that would probably be fun,” he said of his diverse collaboration wish list.

On Nelly: “It’s like we all went to middle school together. It’s that kind of connection. And now we’re going on tour together, and we’ll see how it goes. So we’re excited.”