Luke Bryan Believes in Blake Shelton and Miranda’s Future Parenting Skills

No, His Friends Aren't Expecting -- Yet

No, Blake Shelton and wife Miranda Lambert are not starting a family just yet.

But when they do, their close pal Luke Bryan has no doubt they’ll make excellent parents.

Bryan expressed his confidence during a recent interview with E! News.

“I think he’ll be a great dad,” Bryan said of his friend. “I would imagine that he and Miranda certainly have plans for a big family, but they are busy, busy people. But I know that both of them would be awesome parents and probably want to be. … Don’t quote me on that!”

Bryan has nothing to worry about when it comes to sharing a big secret on that topic. After all, Shelton and Lambert have never shied away from discussing a desire to have a family someday when the timing is right.

Having two children of his own — sons Bo and Tate — Bryan could definitely serve as a fount of wisdom and advice when the timing is perfect and Shelton and Lambert enter the world of parenthood. No doubt, part of that wisdom will be the importance of exposing children to the great outdoors.

“Blake loves the outdoors, and if you have boys — and your boys grow up loving the outdoors and all the values that go around that — that’s how I was brought up. It’s awesome. It’s an awesome way to spend time with your boys.”

It’s a great way to spend time with your daughters, too, should Shelton and Lambert be blessed with girls in the future. Lest we forget, Lambert can definitely hold her own against her hubby in a deer stand or a Bass Tracker boat any day of the week.

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