Miranda Lambert’s Favorite Dish: Mama’s Meatloaf

You know a recipe is good when both of your kids choose it for their birthday dinner year after year. And such is the case with Beverly Lambert’s meatloaf.

In Country Music’s Greatest Eats , the new cookbook from Southern Living magazine and CMT, Miranda Lambert talks about what a good cook her mom is. She even noted that for a while when she was growing up in Texas, her family lived off the land. Her mother canned vegetables from the garden and made her own bread.

“We didn’t go to the store for anything but milk,” Lambert recalls.

It was also important for Lambert’s mom to have the family to eat dinner together every night.

“That was her way of making everyone chip in to make it happen,” the country star says.

There were a lot of favorite dishes, especially the meatloaf and her enchiladas. While Lambert admits that she hasn’t mastered the enchiladas yet, but she does make her mom’s meatloaf.

“My mama’s meatloaf has always been my favorite recipe,” she says. “It’s been the choice ’birthday dish’ for me and my brother since we were little,” she says. She also added that her husband Blake Shelton’s favorite recipe of hers is her just a simple corn casserole.

You can find the recipe on page 178 of the book, due out Tuesday (May 6). But if you want to get the ingredients ready today, you’re going to need all the meatloaf basics, plus brown sugar, breakfast sausage, brown sugar and a lot of saltine crackers.