Florida Georgia Line: This Is How They Grill

With the arrival of Country Music’s Greatest Eats , I’m celebrating with a cheeseburger Florida Georgia Line made for me.

Well, not me personally. But for us, the fans of their music and of their rookie cooking skills.

According to the cookbook from Southern Living magazine and CMT, when the duo was out on the road in 2012 on the Country Throwdown tour, they were put in charge of grilling for the artists and crew. The problem? They weren’t quite as good on the grill as they were on the stage. 

So songwriter Craig Wiseman, a Nashville hit machine, gave them detailed instructions on how to make a serrano pepper burger.

“Craig’s burgers blew our minds. They’ve got a taste you remember,” says Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley.

The burger is not your everyday, cookie cutter kind of cheeseburger. This one has eight ingredients before you even begin to count the toppings. And these masterpieces take a while, too. You have to grill the peppers first, then the burgers, then the buttered buns. It all sounds like a lot of work, but it’s so worth it when you take that first bite.

And while the recipe does have a few things that might make your eyes water — including serrano chili peppers and a thick slice of pepper jack cheese — Wiseman claims the fat in the burger and the milk in the cheese make the heat of the pepper easier to handle. And if you can’t stand the heat, he suggests substituting Anaheim peppers.

Put some country on the boom box and candles on the toolbox, and you’ll have the kind of FGL atmosphere that goes well with any kind of meal.