Nashville‘s Clare Bowen Tells (Almost) Everything to VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live

"I can't," Bowen says when Lachey pressures her for insider info. "They'll kill me."

Nashville’s Clare Bowen is turning into a bit of an open book when she does interviews. In this one on VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live with Nick Lachey (the former 98 Degrees member), she talks about her pets, her band, her accent and her love of bluegrass.

The only thing she wouldn’t reveal? Any details about this season’s last two potentially scandalous episodes of the TV series.

“I can’t,” Bowen says when Lachey pressures her for insider info. “They’ll kill me.”

But after that, she answers all of Lachey’s questions with all the honesty and charm of Scarlett O’Connor, the sweet-but-tortured soul Bowen plays on the show.

How did she go from being a classically trained singer to a country crooner?

“I’d always loved country music, but it was mostly bluegrass and it was pretty much all instrumental,” Bowen says. “It was more unlocking a part of my voice that I hadn’t used since I was little. I love rock music, as well, so it’s kind of a deeper part of it. And I’ve been working with a wonderful teacher and she’s unlocked that for me, so I’m very happy.”

(That teacher, Valerie Morehouse , also works with other Nashville cast members.)

What words are hardest for the Australian actress to pronounce?

“The producers are forever following me around saying, ’It’s ’skedule’ not ’shedule.’ And ’aliminium.’ You guys say aluminum.”

As for what it’s been like to do live shows with her band from Nashville, she says, “It’s me and the guys, and the audience response has been really beautiful. It’s nice to make people so happy.”