Taylor Swift: Bringing Modesty Back

Forgive Taylor Swift for trying to class things up a little. I mean, I get that crop tops are the style right now. But maybe that’s just not Taylor Swift’s style. You know?

E! has put together an online poll to determine if Swift’s faux crop top — with a layer of matching fabric underneath to cover her belly — is a good or bad thing. They say it’s bad. However, as of right now, they’re wrong. The overwhelming majority (85 percent) of readers have voted the style as a “gotta have it” look, as opposed to what they are calling a “make it stop” look.

The people who make the polls at E! should take into consideration the circumstances of this look. Swift is wearing Oscar de la Renta, so the gingham cowl neck top is part of a bigger-picture dress that includes a very demure black pencil skirt. And it looks like she’s heading somewhere important and dressy. Had Swift been dancing around at Lollapalooza with flowers in her hair and high-waisted shorts on, then, yes, an actual crop top could have been cute.

Also, E! should think about the consequences if Swift had been walking down the streets of New York City with her belly exposed. I can just see the media scrutiny now. “Swift Bares All!” “Belly Up, Says Swift!” “Swift Goes Midriff!” “Crop It All Off!” “Six-Pack of Swift!” “Belly Button Exclusive: Is Swift an Innie or Outie?”

I say let Swift keep it classy and maybe even turn the trend around and bring some modesty back. And maybe then crop tops will just go away forever and always.