How Kip Moore Stacks Up to Tim McGraw

Kip Moore is a busy, busy man. He is finishing up his sophomore album. And he’s about to head out on the road with Tim McGraw. But he took the time to tell the Fresno Bee newspaper in California what he’s learning in the process.

“If you can build a true, solid fan base, you have a chance,” Moore says.

In fact, Moore says McGraw is one of the reasons he got into this business in the first place.

“I’m always trying to find out what made me fall in love with an artist,” Moore told the newspaper, adding McGraw has a way of making listeners believe the words of the song.

“He’s a master at that,” he said. “I am eager to learn something from this tour.”

But it sounds like Moore is already headed down the right road to get to the place where McGraw-like songs reign.

Even though Moore has only released one album so far, there seem to be parallels between some of McGraw’s songs and Moore’s “Somethin’ ’Bout a Truck,” “Hey Pretty Girl” and “Beer Money.”

Moore’s “Young Love” reminds me a little bit of McGraw’s controversial “Red Rag Top.” And “Dirt Road” — Moore’s latest single he says is about “the rebellious spark you feel as a kid” — feels to me kind of like McGraw’s “The Cowboy in Me.”

It’s not literally about being a cowboy. It’s just about having that restless spirit. So Moore’s “Dirt Road” — about how he doesn’t want to go to heaven unless it’s got a dirt road, a fishing hole, moonlight and Bud Light — captures the same mindset that sometimes we ride and never worry about the fall.