Fives Ways to Hit the Country Sweet Spot

This is the decision I’m faced with right now: German chocolate cake, blackberry cobbler, coconut cake, melting moments or dirt cake.

I’ve been asked to bring dessert to an upcoming party, one where there will be plenty of country music lovers, and I thought it would be perfect if I brought something I’d made from a recipe in Country Music’s Greatest Eats , the new book from Southern Living magazine and CMT.

The problem now is, which dessert to make. So I figured I’d put the vote out to readers, and you can help me with this delicious decision.

Denise’s Favorite German Chocolate Cake
This one comes from the recipe box of Alan Jackson’s wife Denise. It’s made from scratch and has three layers of cake, which is a little intimidating. Then again, the cookbook has a quote from Jackson that could give me a little boost of confidence: “If I want to try to do something, I do it. I’ve never been afraid of failure.” I doubt he was talking about baking, but still … .

Blackberry Cobbler
“As a little girl, I remember always wanting my grandmother to make blackberry cobbler for me. I’m obsessed with it,” Lauren Alaina says of this family recipe in the book. It looks pretty simple and only has eight ingredients, so I think I could make this a family tradition like the Alainas have.

Grandma’s Coconut Cake
Again with the three layers? This one from Easton Corbin’s grandmother looks as gorgeous as it does delicious. He says, “Nobody can make it like her,” which I accept as a personal challenge. With fluffy white frosting and big shreds of fresh coconut inside and out, how could this ever go wrong?

Melting Moments
This is what Holly Williams says about these cute little thumbprint cookies: “No other dessert on earth compares to them. We can’t stop eating them all day.” It’s her aunt’s recipe, and Williams says they hold so many memories of her family and of holidays. They sound easy, but I don’t know if I want to make anything that I can’t stop eating.

Missouri Dirt Cake
Do not let the name fool you. There’s no dirt in this cake. There’s actually no cake in this cake, either. It’s more of a sugar/cream/pudding/Oreo casserole. And it’s fantastic. I know because I’ve made this one already, and there wasn’t one single spoonful left. It’s that good. Sara Evans says her mom made this amazing dessert for her, and now she makes it for her family. “Sometimes my kids want it for their birthday cake,” she says in the cookbook.