Nashville Renewed: So What Now?

You’ve probably heard by now. Nashville is alive and well and has been renewed for season three.

It’s seriously some of the best news I’ve heard since Deacon found out that Maddie was his daughter and Teddy found out that Peggy was never really pregnant after all.

But since the first two seasons have been so rich with scandal, I’m wondering if there are enough possibilities left. What else can go wrong? What else can go right? Who can walk into the city and make us love and/or hate them instantly? And when will Deacon and Rayna ever re-fall in love?

As you can imagine, I have some ideas.

1. This one’s almost too obvious. Maddie Conrad-Claybourne and Colt Wheeler fall in love. But Rayna and Luke know nothing about their sordid affair.

2. Juliette discovers she is pregnant. Was it that night with Jeff at the BMI party? Or the make-up sex with Avery? And how will she manage a paternity test without either one of them finding out?

3. The ghost of Lamar haunts Rayna’s house, forcing her to sell her mansion during a real estate slump. She leans toward moving in with Luke until she discovers the thing with Maddie (see No. 1).

4. Will reveals his homosexuality by writing a song about it which tops the charts just days after its release.

5. Gunnar’s $400,000 runs out, and he has to move back to his parents’ basement.

6. There’s a new first lady in Teddy’s mayoral office, and it’s Scarlett’s mom Beverly.

7. Jeff’s manipulative, backstabbing ways finally do him in, when his record label folds and he’s kicked to the lower Broadway curb.

8. Scarlett finds a way to make a living from her poems by teaching a poetry class at Belmont University and then falling for her faculty mentor.

9. Deacon starts drinking again. He admits to that one’s-too-many-and-10-ain’t-enough weakness. Then he goes to rehab. Then we love him all over again.

10. Zoey steals the Juliette Barnes show and has three record label offers on the table before the tour is even over.