The Band Perry Cut Down Love With “Chainsaw”

Go Behind the Scenes of Their Video Shoot

The Band Perry spent a long day playing lumberjacks for their brand new “Chainsaw” video, and has exclusive footage from behind the scenes of the shoot.

Filmed in the forests outside of Portland, Ore., their woodsy video finds the siblings running a very special kind of business called the “Love Is Shady Tree Service.”

“We are a tree service for the brokenhearted,” explains Neil Perry. “The brokenhearted call us and tell us to cut down the tree where they carved their name and the name of their ex’es. We cut the tree down and end the bad relationship … forever.”

With purple streaks in her hair poking out from underneath a wool hat, big sister and lead singer Kimberly was looking extra edgy for their sharp-cutting video.

“Reid, Neil and I are here deep in the Oregon woods with Riley, who has had his heart shattered by some criminal woman,” she says as cameras begin rolling. “And we are figuring out how to cut down the tree that they carved their initials on. I’m thinking a low cut.”

Strutting through the woods with chainsaws on their hips, the trio size up their targets, put on all the proper safety equipment and let their engines rip.

The crew picked three trees ahead of time to be cut down, even installing cameras high up in their branches to get action shots as they fell. By all accounts, those tainted trees are gone for good. But have no fear, they were destined for the saw anyway.

“The cool thing about it is, we’re on a managed piece of property where the land owner was going to harvest all of these trees anyway,” says Roger Phelps, promotional communications manager for Stihl Inc., whose chainsaws were used in the video. “So the three trees that have been selected have already been slated for use either in lumber or telephone poles or something along those lines.”

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