Why Everyone Loves Blake Shelton

Try Not to Laugh Anytime He Opens His Mouth or Hops on Twitter

Wednesday (May 14) is Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s third wedding anniversary. I know this because as I scrolled through my Twitter feed this morning, I saw this gem from Shelton:

“Hey @mirandalambert … Happy anniversary. I love you so much it’s actually stupid.”

I laughed out loud as I usually do when I read anything from the country star or see his shenanigans in interviews. Try not to laugh anytime he opens his mouth or starts heckling folks on Twitter.

You can’t help but laugh, and you can’t help but love him.

What is it about Shelton that makes him so endearing to everyone?

In my opinion, it’s a simple matter of authenticity.

Say what you want about the drinking jokes, the adorably crass wisecracks toward fellow Voice coach Adam Levine or even the marital teasing he dishes toward his ever-patient wife Lambert. When it comes to Shelton, he’s the real deal. What you see is exactly what you get.

Would we have him any other way? Absolutely not. Neither would the whole of America at this point in his career. And as evident by the ringing of anniversary bells today, Lambert clearly doesn’t aim to change a thing about her hubby. That’s the mark of a good marriage, right?

Whether it’s behind the curtain, in front of thousands of fans onstage, a sit-down interview with press or even a walk down the red carpet, he’s always the same guy. He’s candid, he’s kind, he’s genuine, and the encounter feels more like a catch-up with an old friend.

And truthfully, he has every reason and justification — money, success, fame — to carry an elitist attitude in this world. But I’d bet he’d rather be cut off from both the liquor cabinet and Twitter than for anybody to think he’s pretentious.

So what can we learn from him? Maybe that unabashedly being 100 percent yourself — flaws and all — is the only guaranteed path to happiness.

In everything you do, be true to you. Heck, let Shelton be your guide.

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.