Tim McGraw: Faith Hill Is His Formula 1

When Tim McGraw was describing his new song “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” recently, he talked about how it feels to have his wife Faith Hill sing it with him.

“That song just puts good images in your head, and it’s good to hear my wife sing on it, which is always a bonus for me. I always tell everyone, every time I have to sing with her, it’s like a NASCAR running with a Formula 1,” McGraw told the Orange County newspaper in Santa Ana, Calif. “I can’t keep up!”

He also talked about the advantage of being a country singer.

“The great thing about country music is that you can really have the best of both worlds. You can do something that pushes our genre forward and you can have that real homespun quality to it, too,” McGraw added.

Meanwhile back at McGraw-Hill household, he says he tries to get a little unconnected once in a while.

“We all live in the fast lane all of the time,” he says. “It’s nice to have something remind you to stop and take a break, and music is great about reminding you to do that. We certainly have ’no phone zones’ as much as we can, but it’s tough in this connected world. We have nights where there’s no Twitter or Facebook and we have friends over for ’no social media’ night.”

He didn’t dish much about the Disney film Tomorrowland he’s in with George Clooney — due out in May 2015 — because he said it was very hush-hush.

“All I can say is that it’s going to be a really, really big movie, it was a lot of fun to do and I get to play a rocket scientist,” McGraw said, and then added that working with A-list actors helps him hone his own craft.

“When you’re doing something with someone who is better than you, you sort of rise up and get better. Each time I’ve taken away something new, and I’ve felt like I’ve learned something and sort of risen with the tide. With all the people I’ve been able to work with, it’s tough not to just to get lost in it sometimes and just have a lot of fun with it.”