Taylor Swift Wants to Save Your Life

It takes about three seconds to buckle your seat belt. And it takes about 15 seconds for Taylor Swift to explain why you should.

And why you should is because, well, she cares about you.

In a new public service announcement Toyota is launching overseas, Swift tells her fans in five countries in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations that they should really buckle up.

“Hey. I’m Taylor Swift,” she says. “You know, traveling all over the world touring has allowed me to meet so many fans that I care so much about. And one way that we all can stay safe and reduce traffic injuries is by fastening our seat belts. So please, be safe and fasten your seat belt.”

That concept seems like a no-brainer here in the United States, where nationwide seat belt use is at an all-time high of 84 percent, according to the latest government statistics. But in some of the Southeast Asian countries, only 25 percent are fastening. Hopefully, Swift’s heartfelt message will convince at least a few more people to buckle up.

Getting a popular celebrity to persuade people to do the right thing is hardly new. Christy Turlington wants you to stop wearing fur, Tim McGraw is urging fans to stop texting and driving, Trace Adkins doesn’t want to be part of the SeaWorld controversy, Emmylou Harris wants you to stop chaining up your dog, Florida Georgia Line are trying to put an end to childhood hunger, Faith Hill wants to help the world learn to read, Kristen Bell wants all marriages to be recognized and Blondie’s Debbie Harry wants to put an end to celebrity elevator violence.