Toby Keith Says Lt. Col. Mike Corrado “Killed It”

Did you see Toby Keith on the ACM Presents: An All-Star Salute to the Troops on Tuesday (May 20) night? It wasn’t your typical TV performance for Keith because he did a just-for-the-troops song called “Call a Marine” and performed it with Lt. Col. Mike Corrado.

In a radio interview , Keith explained how he went about putting together his part of the performance for the show that was recently staged in Las Vegas and why the song wasn’t one most of us had heard before.

“I have a bunch of material that I’d written over the last 11 years that I only perform for the troops,” he said. “They’re little funny songs, but some of them are kinda dirty, and some of them are locker room. And I didn’t really have any venue to play them at over here.”

The song featured on the TV special is about calling a Marine instead of 911 when you’re in any kind of trouble. The producers liked the idea of Keith doing a song from one of his USO tours but asked for some edits to the lyrics.

“I got a song called ’Call a Marine.’ It’s kinda dirty, but they said, ’If you clean it up just a little bit, we’ll let you do it, and we want you to do it with this Marine,” he said about the performance with Corrado, who sang in his full blue-white dress summer uniform, holding a red Solo cup.

“And he killed it, man,” Keith said. “I sang the verses, and then this guy took over and sang the choruses.”

Despite being in dangerous, high-stress situations, Keith said those serving in the military manage to maintain a great sense of humor.

“They love those humorous kind of things that make fun of them but still them up on pedestals,” he said.