The Guide to Miley Cyrus’ Body Art

At some point, you really can’t even call them tattoos. So much of Miley Cyrus is covered in permanent ink (she has 21, according to the new People magazine special collector’s edition) that you have to kind of consider it artwork. And now that we know the stories behind some of those tats, it all seems very artistic and meaningful and edgy.

Take the dreamcatcher below her right armpit. When Cyrus was little, she and her dad Billy Ray used to hang dream catchers in the woods on their Tennessee farm. It makes sense that Miley would want to hang onto that memory forever, and a burst of color on your torso is a great way to do that.

Her other torso tattoo includes her very first one — “Just Breathe” (maybe she’d loved the Faith Hill song “Breathe” as a little girl?) — over her rib cage.

On the bottom of her feet, she has “Rolling $tone.” She admits, though, that she’s walked everything off except “ing” and “$.”

Other inked symbols and signs and pictures that lives elsewhere on Cyrus’ bod:

Om symbol — left wrist
VIIXCI (her parents’ wedding anniversary) — right arm
Sugar skull — right ankle
Anchor — right wrist
Heart — one of her right fingers
Eye — one of her right fingers
Cross — one of her right fingers
Peace sign — one of her right fingers
Equal sign — one of her right fingers
Portrait of her grandmother — right arm
DaVinci’s heart — right arm
Friendship arrows — right elbow
Tusk — right bicep

And as you’d imagine from a singer/songwriter, Cyrus loves words. They are everywhere on her.

“Love” — on her ear above the piercings
“Karma” — one of her right fingers
“Bad” — one of her right fingers
“Love Never Dies” — left bicep
A quote from Teddy Roosevelt — left arm

That may seem like plenty of tattoos. And it is. Until you consider all of the parts of Cyrus that are still blank canvases. The back of her neck. Her shoulder blades. Her hip bones. Her left ankle. I have a feeling she is just getting started.