Jake Owen Plans “Beachin'” Performance at 2014 CMT Music Awards

He'll Bring the Florida Vibe to Wednesday's (June 4) Live Telecast

“Beachin'” is the title of Jake Owen’s latest Top 10 single, so don’t be surprised if there’s a sea of beach balls bouncing through the crowd Wednesday (June 4) in Nashville during his performance on the 2014 CMT Music Awards .

Hosted by actress Kristen Bell, the awards show airs at 8 p.m. ET.

Owen is looking forward to bringing a beach vibe to fans who are watching the live telecast at home.

“They can expect to see the entire downtown Nashville beachin’,” he said Tuesday afternoon following his rehearsal for the awards show. “And that’s a big deal for me, being a kid that moved here from Florida that is now outside the huge Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, and I have the whole downtown throwing beach balls around. I feel like I got to bring a little bit of my past in Florida with me up here to Nashville. I feel like I’ve made it.”

The atmosphere surrounding the CMT Music Awards should reinforce Owen’s vibe.

“I’ve always enjoyed the fact that the CMT Music Awards felt like they were very laid-back and casual,” he said. “The award has such a prestige to it, but just the fact that we can not sort of get so dressed up and (instead) wear some more casual clothing. It’s right here in our hometown, so there’s a lot of fun that goes on pre and post-party.”

Asked if he’s looking forward to any specific performances, Owen said, “I’m always looking forward to seeing anyone. … From Eric Church performing tomorrow to Florida Georgia Line to Luke, there’s gonna be some good ones. I’m happy to be a part of it.”

The awards show will feature guest appearances by pop star Jason Derulo and Grammy winner John Legend.

“I think country music is something that’s sort of bridged a gap into rock music,” Owen said. “It’s bridged a gap into hip-hop music. It’s bridged a gap into Americana music. … It’s a format that allows anything and everything to be a part of it. There are no boundaries or barriers, and I love that. I think we’ve come a long way.”

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