CMT Music Awards Host Kristen Bell: Five Country Women (and One Man) She Loves to Love

List of Favorites Include Sara Evans, Kacey Musgraves, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert

Since Kristen Bell is hosting the 2014 CMT Music Awards by herself — with no Jason Aldean or Toby Keith by her side as in years past — it’s kind of a turning into a girl-power celebration.

When Bell visited with reporters Tuesday afternoon (June 3) and the conversation turned to the country music singers and songs she loves, nobody was shocked to find out that Bell listens to the same stuff we do.

Sara Evans: “I really like Sara Evans. Always have. I think she’s been really, really consistent in creating delicious music.”

Kacey Musgraves: “I really like Kacey Musgraves’ song ’Follow Your Arrow.’ I think she’s great and has proven herself. And the message of that song is necessary. There are a lot of fun narratives in country songs, and then are a lot that at the end, you go, ’Oh, that had a great meaning.'”

Carrie Underwood: “Obviously, Carrie Underwood. I mean, if there’s a dominator, it’s Carrie Underwood. And talk about being self-made as far as a woman who has dominated.”

Miranda Lambert: “One (song) that sits with me quite a bit — surprise — it’s Miranda Lambert’s ’The House That Built Me.’ For being someone who moved out of my hometown when I was 18 and really felt like I took a lot from the city of Detroit, whether it was trying to be tough or being a city that loves music and then pursuing music, there were so many parts of that song that resonated with me.”

Dolly Parton: “Dolly Parton. Let’s get another lady on the scene,” Bell said of the person she’d like to host the show with some day.

Luke Bryan: “I’ve been listening to ’Play It Again’ over and over again, and he has specifically a real knack for writing some summer anthems that tend to stick with me. The intimate songs are great, but the anthemic-type songs seen in a stadium … with a bunch of people waving their hands and singing along, that’s the stuff that gives me the chills when I see it.”

Alison makes her living loving country music. She's based in Chicago, but she's always leaving her heart in Nashville.