The Band Perry Keep the Fan Connection Strong

They Earn CMT Music Award for Group Video With "Done"

The Band Perry picked up a fan-voted CMT Music Award for “Done,” even though that particular word doesn’t seem to be part of their personal vocabulary. Kimberly, Neil and Reid Perry are always on the go.

During a backstage interview on Wednesday (June 4) prior to the 2014 CMT Music Awards , the siblings were asked how they stay in touch with fans despite a busy schedule, Kimberly explained, “Being out on the road, to me, is being connected with the fans. It’s our favorite thing to do. We get cabin fever, really, because we’re on our bus all day. We just can’t wait to get off the bus and get on stage. We really feel like our live shows are both giant sing-alongs, but also giant conversations every single night. Country music is the fans; they are country music.”

“With the invention of Twitter and Instagram and all those great social networks, it not only keeps us in touch with the fans over here but across the ocean, the Atlantic,” Neil added.

“We’ve been able to go over to Europe because of the help of YouTube and those other great social sites. There are a lot of tools we have to stay connected to the fans these days. It’s really nice.”

Earlier in the interview, Kimberly said she found it funny that Luke Bryan was wrapped up in caution tape, so he wouldn’t fall off yet another stage. Also, Neil noted that Blake Shelton couldn’t keep his hands to himself. On two occasions when Shelton walked by, he’d stick his finger in Neil’s ear, also known as the dreaded Wet Willie.

Surely it’s all in fun since Shelton tapped the band to open his summer tour.

“I’d say you could get him back, but he’s a little too tall,” Reid observed.

“I’d have to reach up really high and I’m pretty sure he could beat me up,” Neil decided.

Kimberly added, “We all pretty much look up to him, literally.”