Hanging With Jason Derulo and Beth Behrs at 2014 CMT Music Awards

Backstage Encounters Reveal Universal Love of Country Music

I wanted to meet Jason Derulo at this year’s CMT Music Awards .

I was praying for it. I was preparing for it. And I was hoping it would happen.

I get excited when artists and stars from the wild world of pop, rock, hip-hop and blockbuster movies and TV shows come to Nashville for the awards show. Despite the fact that country music and culture are seemingly more mainstream now than ever before, Hollywood still seems so far removed from our Nashville world sometimes. It’s fun to welcome them — even if it is for one night only.

Derulo was definitely one of the most-anticipated special guests performers for the show that evening, so I knew actually getting the chance to chat with him was a longshot. Even bumping into him backstage was unlikely as the halls are bursting with activity and chaos. The stars are rushing in and out of dressing rooms, running down hallways to get to the stage, heading to the glam stations and hanging out in the green room.

So as I made my way through the sea of action and hit the backstage door, I tried not to get my hopes up that Derulo would round the corner and be standing there.

But my prayer was heard and answered. The sea of people parted and there stood the “Talk Dirty” singer — clad in solid white like a knight in shining armor!

And he was grinning from ear to ear, clearly having a blast mingling and being a part of the country music world. We were introduced, and I jumped at the chance to tell him how much I enjoyed his opening performance with Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan and, as a fan, to thank him for coming out and being a part of the show.

However, he was quick to proclaim that he was the one who was excited and spoke of what a pleasure it was for him to join the party.

During other conversations backstage, Derulo said he was a fan of country music, especially the songwriting. So just when I thought I couldn’t adore him more, he drops that bombshell.

Derulo wasn’t the only out-of-town celebrity I encountered. While awaiting Lady Antebellum’s rocking performance of their new single “Bartender,” I had the good fortune of meeting Beth Behrs, star of the hit CBS show 2 Broke Girls. Not only is she buds with Lady A’s Hillary Scott, she’s a self-professed country music fanatic, too.

And after sharing a protein bar with the bubbly actress and listening to her sing along to every country song performed from the main stage, I believe her.

And it’s not just pop, radio-friendly country she digs. Behrs loves bluegrass, too, and even told me about the hot spot venue for bluegrass fans in Los Angeles where she and her friends visit regularly to hear the incredible music.

What a doll, right? And what a refreshing moment to hearing the excitement in her voice as she spoke so highly of our artists, the songs and the stories.

Hooray for Hollywood — and the rest of the world — for its ever-expanding love of all things country. Ain’t it a grand feeling?

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.