Why Blake Shelton Is Doin’ What Miranda Lambert Likes

Right now, I think Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are probably floating around on Lake Texoma somewhere. Why? Because, just like his song says, he likes doin’ what she likes.

Shelton said once Lambert’s album launched, CMT Music Awards and CMA Music Festival were all over, that’s what she’d want to do.

“By the time a week like this is over, she’s just gonna be a zombie . I know she is. So yesterday, I drove down to Lake Texoma — we’ve got a boat down there — and I am not a mechanic, but I managed to get this thing running. Because I know when she gets back, she’s gonna want to do something like that: just go and float around and drink or be pulled on a tube,” Shelton said. “I thought, I’ll get me some points in here and get the old boat running. I’m proud of myself.”

What’s really hard on Lambert, Shelton explained, is that image is everything. That makes weeks like last week even harder on a woman.

“I hate that crap for her. Because it’s one thing for a guy to snap on a shirt and put some gel in my hair and do this type of stuff, but it’s a way bigger deal for a girl. And she’s gonna be exhausted,” he said.

We’re not sure if the Shelton’s boat has an input for music, but if it does, I know he’s going to want to listen to his wife’s new Platinum album. (That’s the album’s name, but we’re guessing it’s its inevitable sales position, too.)

Shelton says this is what he loves about his wife and her music: “She wears her heart on her sleeve. And she writes songs and record songs that mean something to her. The last thing that she thinks about when she makes a record is what could get played on the radio. I can honestly say it never ever ever ever crosses her mind. And I think that’s why we look forward to her albums so much, because it’s always a reinvention of herself and always a breath of fresh air from what guys like me are doing.”