Carrie Underwood Selects Country’s Sexiest Man

I can think of a few things that might make a man top any sexiest list. Actually, I can probably think of about a hundred. But once I saw what Carrie Underwood thinks is sexy, I have to concur.

She told Us magazine that if she had to pick a sexiest man in country music, she’d probably go for Keith Urban . But to be clear, “I don’t mean that in a flirtatious way,” she said.

Urban has two things going for him that Underwood finds attractive.

1. “Keith is just so talented and so good with a guitar.”

2. “(He is) so in love with his wife, and, well, that’s sexy.”

You’ll notice there was no mention of bedroom eyes, strong shoulders, scruffy beard, boy-next-door smile or well-placed tattoos. That must mean that sexy goes a little deeper for Underwood.

But know this about Underwood’s definition of sexy: her husband Mike Fisher is it for her.

“Well, my husband is the sexiest man I know of, and he listens to a lot of country music and he knows the words to more country songs than I do. Does that count? I mean, Mike really is the sexiest to me,” she said.

Underwood and Fisher, who will be celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary next month, both looked insanely sexy and in love when they walked the red carpet at the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday (June 4). Later that night, Underwood took home the grand prize — video of the year — for “See You Again.”