#TBT: Country Stars’ Favorite Videos

Prepare to be thrown way, way back on this Throwback Thursday. Because when I was on the red carpet at the CMT Music Awards last week, I was reflecting with the country artists about all the great videos we’ve seen over the past 31 years on CMT.

(Let that sink in a little. Thirty one years of country music videos. CMT is literally older than a lot of the artists airing today.)

And we all have our favorites, right? But if you look at these artist favorites, it seems like Garth Brooks, Shania Twain and Reba are the clear winners, if we were picking winners. Which we’re not, but still. Here are some thoughts from artists on the red carpet.

Sara Evans: The most memorable one for me is Reba’s “Fancy.” She did some insane videos, and they were like minimovies, especially “Fancy.”

Jake Owen: Those early Shania (Twain) videos were pretty hot. But Garth’s “Standing Outside the Fire” was so cool.

Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley: “What Hurts the Most.” When I first saw that, I cried like a baby. Also, “Does He Love You” with Reba and Linda Davis.

Justin Moore: That’s a tough, tough, tough call. But I have to say “Brotherly Love” by Earl Thomas Conley and Keith Whitley. They were riding a bicycle as little boys, then it turns into their little boys. I guarantee no one else is gonna give you that answer.

Cassadee Pope: “Thunder Rolls” by Garth Brooks because I remember not really getting it when I was a kid, but I still loved all the drama and the rain. I knew something really bad was happening, but I didn’t know what it all meant. I just knew it was captivating.

Cole Swindell: Tracy Lawrence had the best. I watched CMT so much, that when a video came on, I knew what it was even before the title and the artist name came up. When “Texas Tornado” came on, I’d call my buddy and go, “It’s on” and hang up and that’s all we’d have to say. He’d turn on CMT and we’d both get to watch it.

Dan + Shay: “Austin.” I always loved it and still do to this day. It’s one of my favorites. I thought Blake (Shelton) was the man — with the mullet and the hat. I’d get so emotional, like, “Don’t you get it now? It is Austin.”

Josh Thompson: Hank Jr. and Waylon (Jennings) had a video called “If You Don’t Like Hank Williams,” and it’s basically them just sitting at a table slamming shots of whiskey down on the table. That one for sure.