Luke Bryan: Why Fatherhood Suits Him

Luke Bryan has his little boys’ names tattooed on his wrist. Bo’s name is made to look like a bow and arrow, and Tate’s name has a fishhook in the descender of the lowercase T. But that alone isn’t what makes Bryan a good father.

Bryan credits his wife Caroline with his ability to be a great dad even though his work keeps him away from home.

At a press conference in Nashville the day after the 2014 CMT Music Awards, Bryan’s wife was somewhere in the audience with their two sons while Bryan was in front of the crowd singing her praises, saying he was blessed to have found “a wife that lets you be a kid.”

“(Caroline) lets me be a kid every night onstage, and then I get home and she wakes up with two younguns at 6:45 screamin’ and raisin’ Cain,” he said. “And she lets me sleep in and get ready to go out and do this business. I love her so much.”

Bryan said he’s fortunate his wife figured out the demands of the music business along with him as his career progressed.

“That’s a big deal when a lot of changes in this climb come our way,” he said. “Me and her have been so blessed to sit down and argue like hell. And fight and make up. And figure it out. And keep on rocking.

“I’m so proud of my healthy family. These days are amazing. It’s just so humbling to wake up in the morning smiling — and I have been for years.”

Bryan credits his own father with teaching him important life lessons about being a man, being a Southern gentleman and being a strong presence.