Luke Bryan Hits the Field With the St. Louis Cardinals

Steals Time for Batting Practice While in Town for Two Sold-Out Concerts

Hey, batter, batter … what would Luke Bryan’s Atlanta Braves think about this?

The Georgia-native took some time out of his schedule while on tour last week to hit up batting practice with the St. Louis Cardinals.

When in Missouri, right? The singer’s That’s My Kind of Night tour rolled through St. Louis for not one but two sold-out shows at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater for thousands of fans. That didn’t stop him from making a pit stop by Busch Stadium to see his buddy Adam Wainwright, starting pitcher for the Gateway City team, and show off his skills on the field.

And I have to say, based on the video posted of Bryan on the field, he’s not too shabby as an athlete.

Decked in a Cardinals jersey, complete with his name and the number 10, the “Play It Again” singer took a few swings and made some pretty impressive contact with the ball during his guest appearance.

He also took the time to record a little message for the fans , too, on the Cardinals’ Instagram page. Like Luke himself, it’s pretty dang adorable.

Clearly, life is golden for Bryan right now. The tour is selling out all over the nation, “Play It Again” has enjoyed the last several weeks atop the country charts as his fourth back-to-back No. 1 single, and now he’s gearing up for another musical double-header this week in Detroit.

Get it? “Double-header?” Hey, I thought it was pretty clever. Don’t worry. I won’t quit my day job in country music if Bryan promises not to quit his.

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