Brad Paisley’s Twitter Shenanigans From Rising Star

He's Hard at Work Even Before the Talent Competition Begins

Turn Brad Paisley loose on social media, and you never know what you’ll get.

That’s exactly why I love him and follow his Twitter feed daily.

In this week’s edition — which could be called, “Oh, Lord, What Has He Tweeted Now?” — Paisley takes us behind the scenes of the newest reality singing competition, ABC’s Rising Star. He’s hanging with his fellow musical experts — rapper Ludacris and pop star Kesha, and the show’s host, singer Josh Groban — and, of course, affectionately picking on them in good fun and keeping everyone entertained in the process.

It started with him teasing a sometimes-controversial Kesha by tweeting, “Whatcha think, @KeshaRose — 5 second delay gonna cut it or are you gonna need 15?” He also posted a really great photo of the two of them from the show’s set.

Next up in Paisley’s firing line was Ludacris, a pal to the country music community. In this case, it was the rapper’s alleged tardiness that became the next topic of Paisley’s fodder.

“For the record, I was on time tonight,” Paisley wrote. “Someone was extremely late. This is ludacris. Just @Ludacris.”

And then it was back to Kesha. Paisley tweeted a shot of the sharply and conservatively-dressed beauty in her chair on set with the playful caption, “If @KeshaRose’s dress was any shorter, this would have to be a cable show.”

Finally he decided to bust the two playing on their cell phones with one final tweet that called them out for “not paying attention in class.”

I know. You’re probably thinking it, too. Is Paisley going to be the Blake Shelton of the newest reality-singing showdown? By that, I mean the prankster judge America falls in love with? It looks like it. Clearly, you can always count on country artists to bring the humor.

Rising Star premieres Sunday (June 22).

Samantha is a country radio insider with a deep love for the music and its stars. She can often be found on a red carpet or at a late-night guitar pull.